Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pondering on Goodies...and the Virtues of Men

It's cold and rainy here, the perfect time to sit and go through my cookbooks and "ponder" what kind of dessert would taste good. As I type this, I'm popping mini cream puffs that we found at Sams Club...bad girl...LOL...but they're pretty Good! Crystal suggested dipping them in chocolate. I think that's an excellent suggestion! I Also found a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies! It's a bit too much to start on tonight but I do think I'll give them a whirl tomorrow. Nothing like chocolate with peanut butter.
Friday was hell on wheels at work...for me at least! I had to deal with TWO, IDIOT, chauvinistic males on the phone...One had been a mayor for some pothole city with the attitude of, "Do You Know Who I Am?" The Other one thought that even though he was The Supreme Male of The Universe, I wasn't suppose to ask for his....Wait For number! Yes...I simply asked for his phone number. WELL...No one needs his number!! The Owner has his number and That's Good enough!! Well, I now had "his number" and it Wasn't pretty. SO...after an afternoon of all the guys laughing and having a high time at My expense, I came home. Not a happy camper. WHY do people have to be crappy??? Just be nice...We're in business to help people...and yes, I'm JUST a women, but I CAN HELP!!LOL....Gads, I'm getting pissed all over again...Hahaha.
Enough of that! Hope you all have had a wonderful day and are planning something Wonderful to munch on...Have a Great and Happy night!!!