Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Baby and Santa!

Well, when I asked Santa if my "Baby" was too old to get her picture taken with him, he did a "double-take"...started laughing and blurted out, "NO Mam! One is Never too old!"....LOLOL...Crystal and I went to the mall yesterday and I couldn't resist...Santa also gave her a coloring book since she was SO good!....Hahaaa....Hope you all have a Great day!!!
PS- I know...I know...But I just didn't like the "feel" of all that silky black...Hahaaa...


Donna said...

That probably made Santa's day!!!

Anvilcloud said...

We had a case here where a Mom convinced her shy kid to sit on Santa's lap, but it was allowed unless she bought a $15 picture. Otherwise, they could just stand near Santa. Talk about you basic lump of coal.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Christmas card from Texas yesterday. Thanks, Donna.

Donna said...

Donna-Hahaaa...Oh Girl, it Surely Did!!!hughugs

Ac- Really! Lump of coal is Right! And, I'm glad it arrived! Hope y'all are all feeling Better!hughugs

Unknown said...

Haha...cute pic! I'm glad she's been a good girl this year! Have a great week Donna!!

RNSANE said...

I guess, as long as his lap is big enough, anything goes!

SOUL said...

i want my girl to do that too-- but i bet she won't -- you know how bratty teenagers are. hmph.
maybe if i can talk her boyfriend into it-- she'll be more willing??
nah, she's a fuddy duddy.
i want your kid.
not really.
mine's alright-- for the most part.
i'll bribe her-- somehow :))


jenn said...

I love this! She is such a kid at heart.

Donna said...

Joan- Thanks Girl! And she Has been!!Hahaa...hughugs

Carmen- LOL!! You bet it does! But she wouldn't share her coloring book!! :(

Brenda- !!!Just DO it! Unexpected like...That's how I did Crys!!Hahaa..It was fun!hughugs

Jenn- And where's YOUR Santa photo???Hahaa..hughugs

nonizamboni said...

That cute Crystal probably made Santa's day! I know you did with the photos of the toffee & cookies. Yum!
Hope your week goes well!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I bet santa loved that opportunity!
Not quite the same a s a swirmmy toddler:)

Donna said...

Noni-Hahaaa..You Bet she did!! He was Very jolly after our visit!!hughugs

Cupcake- He said it Was a challenge handling all those busy little bodies!!Hahaa..hughugs

Sally said...

And, such a beautiful "baby" she is!! :)

Donna said...

Thank you Miz Sally! Hope you're having a restful evening!!!hughugs

SquirrelQueen said...

Great photo, Santa looks really happy. Bet that made his day!


Jeanne said...

hehe I love it! What a good daughter you have too!

Gordon said...

I bet Santa wished more mothers had "babys" like yours. LOL. Great portrait!

Donna said...

Judy- You betcha it did!Hahaa..hughugs

Jeanne- She's Always been a good sport!!hughugs

Gordon-Hahahaha....Oh Yeah, don't 'cha know!!!hughugs