Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still Searching...and Wordless Wednesday

I Know! I Know! I'm just not happy with Any of the Christmas backgrounds lately!! I'm Still searching but not having much luck...You girls can study the above photo for any defects and report back to me...You're outta luck!!LOL
Now, while y'all are studying...I'll be hunting that perfect background...Happy day Gang!!


RNSANE said...

Goodness, Donna, I almost choked on my coffee! Forget the Christmas background and leave him up all the time!

Donna said...'re so easy to please!!!Hahaaa...hughugs

SOUL said...

my my my -- you found a christmas fairy!
phew. i think i popped my velcro!

can't HE be your background?

happy humpday

ps don't forget the baby wipes!!!

anybody who doesn't know what i'm talkin about here-- it's ok.. i'm not off my rocker -- yet. donna gets it. :))

hugs D-

Donna said...

Brenda-HAHAhahaaa....You think that velcro may be a little too tight???Hahahaaaa.....and I don't know How to ...expand his girth...well, You make him a background...HAhaaa...gads

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Donna You and semi naked men!
Oh Be still my heart....That Background looks awesome,Great...Ahhh,Ummm....What Background are we talikng bout....Who can concerntrate!

Donna said...

Cupcake!!! Then I guess my work here, is Done!!Hahahaaa....hughugs

Donna said...

Oh my! Who in the heck CARES about your background when you have a heavenly hunk like THAT for us to look at!!!!

I had a hard time finding a Christmas background too, and I think I finally selected one that I've used before, LOL! What I want to learn is HOW to make my own! Sigh. Hey, do you know who I could hire to expand my blog's wide column to something wider? I want my 2-column blog to be the width of a 3-column blog. I hate that stupid html stuff!

Sally said...

Well, is that my Christmas prezzie!!

Thanks!! lol

Paula said...

Goodness! No words needed!
(Except for HUBBA HUBBA!)

Garnetrose said...

Well...Santa delivered my gift from you very early. *s* I love eye candy.

SOUL said...

expand his girth ! BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
oh nevermind.
you crack me up-
i hope you have a really good day today-
it's almost fri-day :))

ps-- stacey would be my husband ! silly wabbit.
soulman sounds better i know.


Donna said...

Myyyyyyyy goooooodness!

Happy searching.


Joan said...

I bet Angel Man could kick his ass!!

Anvilcloud said...

We guys deserve equal time. :)

Donna said...

Donna-...I hope Marty didn't see this....HAHAHahahaa....hughugs

Sally-You Bet it is!! Do you like it???LOL..hughugs

Paula-HAhaaaa...You Said it Girl!!!Hughugs

GRose-Hahahaaa..!! Hope you like him!!hughugs

Brenda- REALLY??? Wow! Stacey for a boy's name! COOL! I like it!
I'm no good at doing "girthing"...Hahahaa...hughugs

Donna- I think he Likes you!!Hahaa...Happy day sweetie!hughugs

HAHAHahaa..Joan...Wanna have a throwdown??hughugs

Ac- OhAlright!! We'll see...But you have to be Really good! Santa's watching you!!!Hahaa...hughugs

Mandie said...

I like this background! There are so many, I have switched a couple of times too. I think I am stuck now though.

Love the inspiring photo here!!!

Donna said...

Mandie-LOL...glad you like it! It gets tougher each year to find one I like! I'll probably just leave this one...maybe!hahaa...hughugs

Ann said...

Background? What background? I don't see any Thanks for the great view today.

Donna said...

Ann-Hahaaa!! You're very Welcome!!hughugs

SOUL said...

yeh i know--
lots of my family folk call him stez-- the boys call him 'punkle stez'
not macho enough for em i reckon.
i just call him hunny, soulkid calls him dad
he's stacey to his side of the family of course--
bwa hahahahah
but hey-- makes it easy for me on the phone to do his business calls-- i NEVER get questioned
bwa hahahaha

big hugs
update would ya-
oh-- hows hubby?

The Urban Cowboy said...

That's not right!

DHV said...

My first thought: That new diet Santa's been on has knocked years off him. Nice pinup!

Donna said...

Brenda-LOLOL...Oh alright, but I have some Serious cooling off to do first...pompus little men on the phones today...Lordy...
Hubby's fine...glad it's all over though!!
Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

UC-HAHAHahahahaaa...You Are A Hoot.....hughugs

DVH-Hahahahaaa...He Does look slimmer these days!! Thanks for popping in!!!hughugs

Donna said...

Dee!! IS THAT YOU???Hahahaa...You're just changing Everything up!!! I Love it! Keeps me on my toes! Hope YOU'RE having a Blast!!!hughugs

SquirrelQueen said...

What Christmas background?

Donna said...

Judy- I Know!Hahaaa...Hope you had happy dreams Girl!!hughugs

SOUL said...

glad to hear hubbys good.

but tell me.. what exactly is "happy sleep" ?

hugs-- and happy sunday!

Donna said...

Brenda-LOLOL...You ask that...On This Post??Hahaaa....

SOUL said...

hmmm, i didn't think about it that way-- perhaps i shall nap now,
bwa hahahahaha

and btw
update would ya


Nita Jo said...

Oh Donna, you sure can make me smile! Nice Pic... and I love the width of your blog, and the kitties are great!
Nita Jo

Unknown said...

Just ran across your blog. And about the defects in this photo. Well, I've looked and looked and can't find any!!