Monday, December 7, 2009

Is There Anything Better?

Is there Anything better than Chocolate?? Yes...there IS! That would be Toffee WRAPPED in Chocolate!Hahaa.....I was working at my my office...minding my Own business! One of the guys ,that does Subcontract work for us upon occasion, waltzed in and FORCED a black box into my hands! WELL!!! What was I to do? I looked up from the box only to find the interloper...Gone. I can Not return it! I Had to open it....Oh My...TOFFEE, covered in white chocolate...I shall continue to mind my own business...but wait a second...I need to softly close my office Know how much noise those wrappers make...LOL
Hubby Also did some baking last night...Oatmeal cookies! He's Such a good Boy!!! Have a great day Guys! I'll be thinking of you all...well, let me get some go with my toffee...and cookie....then, I'll be thinking of you all!!Hahaaa.....


Lynn said...

Yummy...both delights. But, maybe the oatmeal cookies are best because hubby made them? Naw...pass the white chocolate squares. :D

Donna said...

YUM! But Marty wants to know if you would share with Angel Man, LOL. He thinks the answer is HECK YES!!!!!!

Anvilcloud said...

It's a pretty fine thing for sure.

SOUL said...

donna, that is oh SO wrong!
i'm not much for sweets, but when i do decide i want some-- oatmeal cookies, and toffee-- are at the very TOP of my list!
in fact-- believe it or not-- i have been all but begging soulman to get me an oatmeal raisin cookie - for DAYS.
do i have one? noooooooo.
if i'm lucky, i MAY find one in my stocking. but i don't feel too confident about that. why? cuz i didn't write it down. if he doesn't have a 'list'... it's not usually there. but-- i don't like 'lists'... cuz if i make a list-- i'm never surprised-- hmm, wonder why.
my suggestion to your hubster? about that thing you mentioned-- just in case y'all don't know.
get baby wipes!!!! and LOTS of them.
they will literally save his A@@

big hugs my friend :))
and hope you have a happy monday :)))

RNSANE said...

How nice to have your own PRIVATE collection of sweets. My passion is marzipan. Fortunately, I don't find it often but, when I'm traveling in Europe, especially at some of the major airport, there is such a fabulous selection, and I could fill a suitcase with it. Once, when visiting friends in England, we went to a supermarker - there, lo and behold, I found wonderful marzipan sheets to top cakes, seemless frosting! Do you think one EVER made it on a cake!!!

Donna said...

Lynn-Hahaaa...Ok, I'll get that toffee to 'ya!!!hughugs

Donna-WHAT??? Marty says I would SHARE???LOLHAhaaa...Poor Marty!! Angel Man ain't got Nothing on Chocolate!!!hahahaa...hughugs

Ac- Fine, it IS!! Happy day Ac! Hope y'all are all feeling better now??!!!hughugs

Brenda-Hahahaa...I'll tell him the little "tip"!!
I Love OMeal cookies And toffee...You make SURE to Laugh today!!!hughugs

Donna said...

Carman-LOLHahaa...You're SO Bad Girl!!! But if I can get away with it, I do the Same thing!!!Hahaa...Happy day sweetie!!!hughugs

Jeanette said...

Yum...looks deadly delicious!

Jeanne said...

Oh my to them both. You lucky duck you! I'm surprised they lasted long enough to get a picture hehehe

Donna said...

Jeanette- They WERE!!HAhaa..hughugs

Jeanne- I remembered at the Last second to get a snap!!Hahaa...hughugs

Donna said...

Oh YUM! And yes, a big cup of coffee!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Never heard of choc covered toffee...But should get more aquainted! Yummmmmm

antigoni said...

It's so hard to keep my hands off the cookies. Especially chocolate cookies. I can understand how you feel.

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