Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ghost of a Birthday?

Well, hope lots of you got to see the lunar eclipse last night. There won't be another one until 2010. We didn't see it from here because of cloud cover. That seems to be my luck lately!LOL...Anyway, I heard on the news (why are famous people's birthdays always News??) Jennifer Love Hewitt is 29 today. I find that noteworthy because I Love The Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights. James Van Praagh is the consulting psychic for the show and he's truly remarkable. It just makes me Happy.
Well, I'm "girding my loins"....WHAT?!! Yes! Must gird up Something when you know you will have Five Crazy Pre-teens running around the house!LOL...Saturday is Samantha's THIRTEENTH Birthday....(feeling faint)...Where did ALL the time go?? So, on Friday, she's having a sleep over. Hubby and I will find somewhere dark and quiet to hide out in. If you have not heard from me by Monday, call out the Dogs!LOL...The black and white picture is proud Hubby (Gampa) with Sami (8) and Will (5). Love 'em while you can.......
Y'all have a fun day today and try to stay Dry, Warm, Cool...which ever makes You happy!!