Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is It Thursday, Already???

GEEZ! Where is the time Going?? It was just Monday!LOL....I am SO behind! Crystal, Tim and the kids are coming over tomorrow night for a little Christmas get-together. Tim and Ty are leaving for Colorado Saturday morning for a week so we're having their Christmas a little early. Crystal and the kids will still be spending Christmas Eve night at our house for Their Christmas on Christmas morning. Even though they don't live with Hubby and I anymore, they still like the ritual....and so do we. I'm picking up a sandwich tray from our butchers at 10:00 in the morning and Hubby's making a cheese dip to go along with it. I've STILL got to finish shopping!!! I've been Awful this year with getting things done!! I guess I'm still waiting for the Christmas elves to finish up for me!

SO, here's hoping You're finished, and resting, while I run around town like Wonder Woman!!! Happy day ya'll!