Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is It Thursday, Already???

GEEZ! Where is the time Going?? It was just Monday!LOL....I am SO behind! Crystal, Tim and the kids are coming over tomorrow night for a little Christmas get-together. Tim and Ty are leaving for Colorado Saturday morning for a week so we're having their Christmas a little early. Crystal and the kids will still be spending Christmas Eve night at our house for Their Christmas on Christmas morning. Even though they don't live with Hubby and I anymore, they still like the ritual....and so do we. I'm picking up a sandwich tray from our butchers at 10:00 in the morning and Hubby's making a cheese dip to go along with it. I've STILL got to finish shopping!!! I've been Awful this year with getting things done!! I guess I'm still waiting for the Christmas elves to finish up for me!

SO, here's hoping You're finished, and resting, while I run around town like Wonder Woman!!! Happy day ya'll!


Brit. (lille meg) said...

How nice! I am sure you will have a wonderful get-together!
My youngest brother, my mother and my sister in law shall come to me tomorow for a get-together as well.
I look forward to it. They use to come for a visit every year before Christmas.
Have a nice day!:)

Donna said...

Awwww....I hope you and your family have Lots of fun!!!hughugs

Donna said...

Just popping in to say Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Tabitha said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time!
I know what you mean about time flying by ~ where has the week gone?
Love and big hugs XXXX

Jeanne said...

I'm with you on the running around yet, although I'm no Wonder Woman for sure. This year I've had trouble getting motivated to do anything unfortunately. I think our impending snowstorm got me going though. lol

Brenda said...

Be sure to take lots of pictures and have fun!

I'm done except for a few more stocking stuffers. Still have to do the shopping for Christmas dinner though.

Sharon said...

Sounds like fun. I need one of those wonder woman outfits too - got a spare? Have to battle the shops on Wednesday to get Christmas laybys out - if I got them any earlier the kids would find them :-)


Sandi McBride said...

Time flies when you're having fun! Hope your get together is the best yet!

Amanda said...

I don't envy you still having some shopping left to do ~ i don't want to go near any shops this weekend if i can help it!
Hope you have a nice and not too hectic weekend!
Amanda x

Sally said...

Better get your groove on Stella; it's Friday already!!!! :)

Donna said...

Donna- Merry Christmas to you Too!!!hughugs

Tabitha- I don't Know!!! Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

Jeanne- Hope you didn't get a ton of snow!! Be safe!!hughugs

Brenda- I'm DONE!!! LOL...Now Where'd I put that coffee cup!! Happy weekend sweetie!!hughugs

Sharon-Hahahaaa...I'll mail mine to you!! Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

Sandi- Thanks Sweetheart! We're going to try!!hughugs

Amanda- Just loose ends...But I'M DONE!!!!LOL...Happy weekend!hughugs

HAHAaaaa...Sally Girl, If my groove was any deeper, it'd be next week!!!Hahaa...Sweet weekend to you!!hughugs

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

Sounds like a great Christmas planned. I know you are looking forward to having Crystal and the kiddies overnight. I know you'll get it all done, somehow we women always do. LOL

Daniela said...'s your little "old" dog doing? everytime I tuck in my little poodle at night I think about your little old man.