Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Again....

Well, it's a Monday again....We went to Sam's Club Saturday and I found this big container of those powdery soft peppermint candies. I Love those things! I brought them to work and the guys have really decided they like them too!Hahaa....Well, it's Christmas!
I also whipped up some chocolate chip was Very hard to do! Once I found the scissors and managed to open the package, things went pretty fast...LOL...So, that's about it for the day. It's 32 degrees here but I hear A LOT of people have it Much worse, so I won't moan about it! Hope you all have a Safe and warm night!


jenn said...

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite....especially all warm and gooey, right out of the oven...oh man, now I have to go make some! lol!

Donna said...

Jenn-Hahaa...sorry 'bout that! But! They were Wonderful...all hot and gooey with a cuppa coffee!! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

Unknown said...

I love those peppermint thingys. And don't even put me by the chocolate chip cookies or they will be all gone. We are suppose to get snow here in Cincy tonite and I am cold. LOL I'm already complaining and it's not officially winter yet. Have a good one Donna!

Sally said...

YUM!! Pass the plate, please! brrrr 32? THAT's COLD!! But, like you say; I feel soooo bad for those with the really awful weather.

If you make fudge this year, please don't tell me about it! :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Mmmmmm Look delish however they were made.yum!

Amanda said...

Can i have some please Donna?!
That is really cold weather for Texas ~ keep warm!
Amanda x

Jules said...

Your blog always makes me hungry!!!

It was 32 degrees here today but that is celcius!!!! We went weight-boarding in the sea out the front this afternoon at 5 pm - such fun!!!!

Jeanette said...

I love those candies too. I have to stay away from the because they are addicting. Oh, and kudos for your "hard work" making those cookies!

Joan said...

How about -32C like it is here this morning. Send me cookies right now, I need to make more body fat to keep myself warm.

Donna said...

Joan-Hahaa....The cookies are All gone! It also made it to 24degrees last night...I should have made More Cookies!!hahaa..Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Sally Girl- I now NEED Fudge!!!Hahaa...I Do need to make some...Hope you're relaxing and getting lots of Hunter sugars!!!hughugs

Cupcake- Thanks Sweetie! They were! Happy day!!hughugs

Amanda- Yes Mam, you can!!Hahaa...if there were any left!! I need to make More!! Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Jules!! I am SOOOOO envious!!!! I guess you just roll off your front porch right into the water!!!LOLhahaaa.....Gads, Have a dip for me!!!hughugs

Jeanette-Hahaaa...It was Extremely hard work!!!hughugs

Miz Joan! LOLHahaa...NO WAY to the 32 below!!! And you DO deserve cookies!!! Send me your address!!! But, FUDGE would be better!!hughugs

Brenda said...

I love those peppermints too, still working on a tub that Jami got me for my birthday. I also love them made into the sticks but it's hard to find them.

Donna said...

I've never seen the stick ones! Hope you're resting sweetie...on the back porch? The barn?? nice...won't be much longer!!!!hughugs

Jeanne said...

hey those packaged cookies are just the thing for a quick treat. They look yummy as does your bowl of candy.

Phyllis said...

Ditto here!
I bought two containers of those mints for the office candy jar. The buswashers go through my office alot! hehehe
I made 8 dozen triple chip cookies. I use the regular toll house recipe but use a cup each of chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and white chocolate chips. NUMMY!!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I am getting ready to bake and make fudge tommorow. I usually nmake cookies and candy for all the relatives.
I love peppermint candy too.
I hope you have a great week.
love you, Nita

Anonymous said...

You're the second blogger I've visited today who has made chocolate chip cookies. Think I might give them a try myself.

CJ xx

Sandi McBride said...

I love how you say you "whipped Up a batch of Chocolate chip cookies" lol, like it's the easiest thing in the world! Please don't let Mac see that he'll think there's nothing to it and by glory, I'm out of the kitchen for a day or two anyway! Just attended a cookie swap and felt that I was chained to the stove! Merry Christmas and happy cooking!

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Oh, Donna! This looks so delicious!
I am sure it tastes delicious too.
Thank you for your kind comment to me.
Have a nice day!:)

Dawn said...

Oh, I love both. I just finished a batch of sugar and chocolate cookies. Roy will be getting up in 40 mins, so he will be my taste tester.

It is around 19 degrees. I have stayed in all this week. Been very icy. No school today.


Tabitha said...

They look very yummy ~ I am hungry now ha ha !!
Love and hugs XXXX