Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank You Miz Donna!

I'm a Winner!! Oh Yeah!Hahaaaa.....I just do Not win things...and if I Do, it's considered a miracle! And just Look at what I won! A Polar Bear Babies calendar, an official Polar Bear Club patch, Churchill, Manitoba Canada! Beautifully hand sewn tissue holders and handmade note cards! Donna from Cottage Days had a giveaway...and I won! She handmade everything but the calendar and with a little push from her friends, I'll bet she could make up a beautiful one! If you haven't seen her photos, you're in for a treat! Hop on over and check out her blog!!
Thank you Donna (and Marty;o)) for holding this giveaway! It was a genuine surprise for me to win!!
PS- I just read about a Blogger Buddy (Ellen) whose Mother was in a bad car accident! Can you please send prayers?