Friday, November 12, 2010


Oh Brother...It just keeps getting worser and worser.....Hahahaaa.....At least I'll have this weekend to play around with backgrounds...who knows! Hope your Friday is a good one...Going to the grocery this afternoon....FUN!!


Caroline said...

Well you know what they say "at least when things are real bad they can't get any worse"
Hope you get it sorted out soon Donna, but really don't stress about it to much, like you said go have some fun at the grocery store!!LOL

Out on the prairie said...

I'm impressed, now we will have to come up for a name for interior decorators of blogs and put you to work.Have a good weekend!

Dolores said...

I couldn't find your e-mail to respond, sorry I'm responding on here. You said exactly what I wanted to say to the won't be deleted. I thank you so very much for your loving support.
Big hugs from me to you,

I love the face on the bull cute. I also love the fall colors on here!

Lynn said...

I like the background. It's easy to read, fits the season, and love the bull dog. lol
As a matter of fact, I'm going over to the site from which you found this background. I've stuck with the Blogger design options because it has been easy. Although much like arranging the furniture or decorating your home, it's time for a change. :D

Anji said...

If you don't try them how do you know what's going to fit?

Debbie said...

I think that "scrappin blogs" is an added gadget..maybe you can delete those words anywhere you see in html. Do a FIND so it will be quick!

Have fun!

Anvilcloud said...

"Going to the grocery" is an interesting Americanism. We don't go there up thisaway. We go to the "grocery store." I do like your way, however, and must try to use it.

jenn said...

I like the background, but the yellow makes the words difficult to read.

Sally said...

I can't read this, but I love ya!! :)

Vero said...

Love it. This is a very nice photo. The colors are great. It's nice and crisp too. Great job.

Ann said...

Well I must have gotten here too late to see anything because all I get is a plain white page. Oh well. Have fun playing with backgrounds :)

Jenny said...

WOO HOO! Hate the "gray" but love the DOG! LOL she's like "Southern Bull" ... sweet but strong. Got her style on, too.

Donna said...

Oh good grief, you've gone grey!!! Give me a holler this weekend if you need help! (I agree with Miz Jenny that the dog is precious.)

Donna said...

Caroline,Hahahaa...yeah, I had Fun alright...GirlChild!!Hahaa

Steve...LOLOL...right...I STILL don't know what I want to do with it!!

Delores, you're welcome sweetheart...It's easy to do for me!Hahaaa...You Never needed to explain, a'TALL!! But I felt she "needed" some 'splaining...
I now have my email on my profile...

Lynn, thanks girl...but I changed it again...Hahahaa...

Anji, You're Absolutely Correct!!
Happy weekend!

Paxi, Say What???Hahahaaa...I'm Extremely Novice about blog design...But I think I'll ponder it awhile...Hahaaaa

Ac, Ok, if you're 'gonna say it like us you 'gotta say it like this here...'Gotta git 'ta the grocery....Let me hear it now....Hahahaaa

Jenn...Been changes 20 times since your last visit girl!!Hahaa

You too Miz Sally...Chanced 20 times...Love you Toooo!
How are things??

Vero...a woman of Taste!!LOLOL
Happy weekend!!

Ann...yeppers...been changed 20 times since then...Happy weekend!!

Miz Jenny! LOLOL...tart!!
He Is a cutie though...Have a great weekend!

Donna, I May take you up on that if I can't get what I want!!Lolol...Have a great weekend!

bichonpawz said...

Looks great to me! LOVE the Southern BULL!!