Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Bury a Hero...Chris Kyle

What all has been happening around here this week...Well, first of all, we buried a sweet young man today in Austin.  This was the young soldier that was gunned down in Glenrose, Texas last week.  They had a Memorial service for him in Arlington, Texas yesterday and lots of bigwigs attended.   He leaves behind two small children and a wife...His motorcade passed through Waco on his journey south to Austin and lots of people came out to give respects as it passed by.  The Patriot Motorcycle Guard attended as well...(to keep that horrible Westboro Church from protesting the service).  SO proud of them!!  God Bless You Chris...May God give you Wings.

Next up...I made butter...Yes, I did!  Wasn't hard at all!  HAD to have it to slather on Hubby's home made garlic and onion scones now didn't we???Hahaa....

Next up...That darn Pope!!  Now I'm just waiting for the church to announce it's next candidate.  Better Not Be An Italian is all I've got to say on the subject...WHAT???Hahahaa...What's that Petrus Roman thing?  Don't want to take any chances although I think God already sent a "lightening" message to the Vatican.

And last but not least...a shot of my girls, Crystal and Sam.  Sam will be EIGHTEEN on the 23rd!  Can't believe it!  Lordy I feel old....

So there it is...what I've been up to lately...most of it sad but not all.  Oh!  By the way?  Remember our Tony who had the heart attack?  Well, he's doing great!  I KNOW it was from all of your prayers...yes it was...Sending love to you all!