Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keep "Em Thinking...That's Me

PS-UPDATE - For those of you who want to know how Phillip Schneider died, click HERE. His is the second video.

PPS- Hummmmm..Someone from Stennis Space Center arrived on my blog via Mississippi a while ago...It's part of NASA. Wonder why??

Well, you all know, by now, that I'm a believer in UFO's. I believe there Is a cover up. Things, we the people, are Not suppose to know about...yet. Here are two videos that I really enjoyed on the topic. Now, they're long. One is an hour or so and the other is about ninety minutes. So...if your interested, grab your dinner and coffee and get settled in. They're good. The one where Mr Schneider is speaking, is his last. He was killed after he gave this lecture. Enjoy. Don't forget to go down to my music box and cut the music off!