Monday, September 22, 2008

Cleaning Fool.....and the Next Challenge

Well...I have taken the day off from my Daytime job to do a little cleaning on my Full time job. In the spare bedroom, I got a Little carried away...Hahaaa.....I was washing the closet doors down, when....well, I guess I just rubbed too hard and knocked one of them off it's roller! Hubby should just Love this! It's Great mental therapy though....mindless, robotic. Just what I needed. I had the Grankids last night and Sami said she needed to get up by 5:30am to get ready for school....Geez Louise! Well, I woke her up (and let Will sleep). A couple of minutes after I woke her up, she was Up and At'em! I couldn't let her put me to shame so I started in with the cleaning. And oh yes, I made the breakfast...Bacon, biscuits, eggs. Then, off we went to the bus stop (Sami doesn't like me to take her to school...someone might see her!Hahaaa) and after throwing myself in front of the bus to get it to stop, Sami jumped on. Then Back to the house to wait (and to clean) for 45 more minutes to take Will to school (Will loves me to take him to school...doesn't like the bus)! So now, it's early afternoon and I'm still looking around at all the stuff I need to do. The holidays will be here soon and I don't want those nagging dark corners waking me up at night! And WHY does dust Always seem to settle on those light fixtures in the bathroom??? You know the ones I mean...deep groves that looked SO pretty in the store?Hahaaa....should of had my head examined Before I bought them!

Well, we had a Great Brenda Photo Challenge this last Saturday! Many thanks to Amanda for hosting, "Changing Seasons." It was Not easy!!Hahaaa...but they were fun to see! She has now asked Tabitha of Twinkle Twinkle to host the next Challenge.....So, here it is! Ready? Tabitha has chosen "Yellow" as her theme and the date will be Saturday, October 4th. Should be fun! You can start signing up at any time!! Hope you all have a wonderful day....I need to get back to it!