Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Caged...on Wordless Wednesday

What a Wasted Day!! We got everything loaded into the computer and Everything worked Great yesterday....Then we go home...come in this morning and Something's wrong! None of our programs will load correctly....Must be something on the server. We've got the Computer Wizard coming at 1:30 to try to get this problem fixed. I'm a "caged power, going nowhere"....LOLHahahaaa...Happy Wednesday everyone!


Amanda said...

LOL! Where do you find these great photo's?!
Hope your computer problems are fixed soon!
Amanda x

Donna said...

It just wants to make you scream ARGH! at the top of your lungs, huh? Go ahead, I know you want to. It's ok. I'm a l-o-n-g way away so I won't have to hold my ears. LOL. Hope the computer wizard kisses it and makes it all better.

Donna said...
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jenn said...

I hope they were able to fix the problem!


Dixie Belle said...

Hey Donna!! Thanks for checking on me. Things are crazy right now.
I did post.

Hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Donna I just clicked on my "corrected" and it goes to nowhere land?? What did I do wrong.
Oh now I'm worried.

Donna said...

CLAUDIE! Follow these instructions!!

1. GIVE ME YOUR BLOG ADDRESS!!! I'll fix the problem for you!! Your Blog address will look something like this:

Are you on Blogger? WordPress? Typepad? If you can't find your address, but you Know how to get to your blog, Get on your Blog then, look up in the Very top of your computer screen and you'll SEE your Blog address! Write it ALL down on a piece of paper then come back HERE and type in in this comment box for me! I'll go over to the Brenda Blog and Fix it for you!hughugs

Amanda- Just on the internet...I Really hope it's fixed when I get to work tomorrow!!hughugs

Donna! Marty....Marty could fix it....he's SO Smart...intellegent....I Know he could!!hahahahhaaa...hughugs

Jenn- You and me Both! Hope all is well where you are!!hughugs

Dixie- Great! I'll hop over and catch up on all you've been doing!!hughugs

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Oh,that is not good! I remember the troubles with my computer last year. I hope the problem soon will bw found and solved.
Thank you for your kind comment to me! Happy night!:)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

"Pooter" problems are always the worst kind,are'nt they???
They slow down so much of our life that we now do/control via the "PC"

Donna said...

Lille- You're welcome sweetie!! Hope the sun comes out soon for you!!hughugs

Cupcake- Yes they ARE!! Darn!LOLOL....But since I couldn't do my work, I gave it up and came Home!!Hahaha....Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

I love this photo. It's too funny. Sorry about the computer glitch, we need them but they can be such a pain sometimes. Hope it's all fixed. Have a great one!

Brenda said...

Send some of that caged power up this way if it's not doing you any good. I need all I can get!

I hope the computer problems get ironed out soon, I know how stressful that is.

Rosie said...

I hope you get those porblems fixed sweetie very soon! Love the pic btw :)

Hugshugs Rosie x

Arija said...

Dear Donna,
nice to make your aqcuaintance and thanks for your kind comments.

I can see that caged power doing a Houdini and working her magic where ever necessary.

For a Connecticut gal you feature some mean Texan recipes. I once enjoyed some real Texas hospitality in Kilgore, Judge Lindsey's house. I really loved the numberplates on his two black Caddies... Judge 1 and Judge 2!

Hope Gustav and friends bring you some rain but not much else.

I'll be off line again from to-morrow for about a week or so, so happy days!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i hate computer problems. I do love the photo here tho hope you get things fixed soon

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Love the picture!..m..

Anonymous said...

Computers can be great, but they can also be a real pain in the patootie, too, huh?

Donna said...

Joan- Thanks sweetie! I Hate Gliches!!hughugs

Brenda- Power...On the Way Sweetie!!! Hows the Rice fields?? Hope all's well!hughugs

Rosie- Thanks Rosie!! Happy day!hughugs

Arija- Thanks for popping over for a visit!! Hope you come back Soon Sweetie!!hughugs

Lilli- Hahaha...Thanks sweetie!hughugs

Mary- Thank You Sweetie!!hughugs

Jazzi- Patootie ain't the word for it....hahahahaa...hughugs

Sharon said...

Love that gilded cage :-) Hope that your computer problems are fixed soon. I know in our house the DH does not cope at all when the computer isn't working and I feel like locking him in the cage ...LOL


Dawn said...

So how are things going with the computer woes? I will send angel kisses down your way and hopefully they will help. ;-) *HUGS*

Ellani said...

Hi Donna, if it wasn't so late I would call you and laugh with you! I LOVE the cute cat in the cage, You find the most precious things to put on your blog! I want to go see the Mummy movie this weekend, was it good?

Joni said...

good luck with your computer endeavors!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I just love that grumpy-looking cat! M xx

Dick said...

Aaaaaaaw, great picture.
And you know when you buyed a computer you have buyed problems too. Have a nice weekend.