Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav's Clouds and Computer Work

Well, the clouds are rolling in to our part of the state. Don't know if we'll get much needed rain from it or not, but we Hope so! It's been a weekend, hasn't it! SO glad New Orleans came through it as Well as it did...at least the levys held! Lots of people are without power, but the official word is that the state will probably start allowing people back in as soon as Thursday or Friday. That's good news. Now, we're watching Hanna! Watch out Sally and Junie!! It seems to be headed your way! Then, I think Joseph is behind Hanna....Geez!
Baby sat the kiddos this weekend while Crystal and Tim went to another motocross...The kids rested...they were so pooped, we didn't even go to the movies! They Wanted to stay home!hahaha....poor babies! Will slept till 8:30am Sat and Sun mornings and Sami slept till 12:00pm on Sat and 8:30 on Sun. I Tried to get her up Saturday to go to the movie, The Mummy, at 11:00am, but with No success....so I just let her sleep. Between school activities, homework and running with Mom and Tim, they were both tired.
Hubby and I came in to the shop yesterday to load Peachtree back onto our new XP OP system. Nice!! We Still have to use Peachtree until QuickBooks comes in. So Sorry I didn't post like I Said I would...bunches going on!! I haven't got to visit you lately, but hopefully, we'll all get back on track soon. Ya'll have a Safe night or day and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


Anvilcloud said...

This must be an unnerving season for you guys. Hope they continue to miss you or at least not be really big ones.

Tabitha said...

Glad that all is well with you over there ~ sounds like you are having a busy time.
love and hugs XXXX

Donna said...

Ac- Thanks, It Really is...But, we can't move..so we just watch and pray! Happy evening!!hughugs

Tabitha- We are...new stuff at work, end of the month closing and inventory starting tomorrow...yuck..hahhaaa..happy night sweetie!hughugs

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

Hope you get some rest soon. We are suppose to leave for South Carolina in the morning but still have no idea where Hanna is going. Take care.

Donna said...

Hope you get the needed rain! Take care and don't work too hard, OK?

Eve said...

Sorry, you didn't get your rain. I could have sent you tons of it. With every rainband, we got wetter and wetter and now when I walk around in the yard, my shoes squish and we drain well. I suppose it will dry out soon enough. But here does come Hanna, Ike and Josephine.
I'm glad you are all having so much fun. It is great to have a hobby that gives you so much fun. We always seem to have some hobby that is guaranteed to bankrupt us. LOL

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have been watching the updates here on the news and a wondering bout you??
Looks like the worst of it did miss so thats good news for now..
Stay happy and safe

Donna said...

Sounds like you've been busy, hope you get some rest!

I'm keeping an eye on Hannah too!


Donna said...

Joan- Ya'll Be Careful!! I guess we won't really know about Hanna until In the morning! Be watching and BE Safe Sweetie!!hughugs

Donna- Thanks Sweetie! I won't! So far the rain has gone north of us...Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Eve- Oh Goodness!! Please be safe sweetie!! Hope the sun comes out soon for you!!hughugs

Cupcake- No, we're in the heart of Texas and the rain and high winds aren't getting us. Waiting for the next round of hurricane headed to the Gulf...Ike... Thanks for checking on us!hughugs

Sharon said...

Looks like you missed the bad weather, but it would be nice to get just the rain that you need. Stay safe.


Donna said...

Donna- Oh My Word, that's right!! Please be careful sweetheart! Hanna's coming right up the east coast...Will be praying for you and All my blogger Buds in harms way!!hughughugs

Donna said...

Hi Sharon! Yes mam, it Would be...It's getting pretty dry again here. Hope all is well and safe with you!!!hughugs

Jeanne said...

Rain isn't bad torrential downpours and hurricanes very bad. Hope you got some rain and that's it. We're watching to see how the tail end of Hannah goes. Supposed to be out in Boston Saturday and right now it's looking dicey there.

Brenda said...

We're getting rain and wind from ol Gustav. Just sitting here watching the rice hit the ground, a little here, a lot there.

Brit. (lille meg) said...

I am glad to hear that you avoided Gustav. I also hope you will avoid Hanna and Joseph too.
And now I hope you will get some rest. Really!
Poor children! I am sure they needed their long sleep.
You say you need rain. I hope you will get it, but not the storm.

Today it is raining here, but not so much.

I hope your day will be fine!

Amanda said...

Hope you guys get the rain that you need, but stay hurricaine free.
The kids sound like they will be able to start the new week well rested!
I hope you were able to find some rest time too!!
Amanda x

dabrah said...

Hi Donna
I can let you have some rain. We've had lots of it here all through August, coming down in sheets, and so we have a lot to spare. Please order by the barrel.

I'm so glad you're safe.

moma grits said...

wow you can have some of our rain...It never stopped yesterday and is raining already today. I can not believe that you had kiddos that didn't wanna go to the movies you lucky gal!

Donna said...

Jeanne- Today, we have dark clouds and lots of cool wind...but no rain. Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Oh Brenda, So Sorry about the rice!!! Wish there was something I could do!!!hughughughugs

Lille- Guess Fall is coming this way!!hughugs

Amanda- Thanks Sweetie! But no rain here yet...Happy sleep!hughugs

Dabrah- I'll take All that you don't need!hahahaa....poor thing!!hughugs

Jerri- Nope, they Both just wanted to hang out at the house! Fine by me! So, that's what we did! Hope the rains let up Soon for ya'll!! Brenda says she's just watching the rice fall to the ground!!hughugs

Dawn said...

I sure have been thinking of you and Gustav. Glad you were safe.

Having computer problems and inventory and end or the year, we will see you in a month!! LOL Love you sweetie.

Rosie said...

I am so glad to hear all is well Donna with Gustav blowing your way!!

Hugshugs Rosie x

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Pleas Donna, have some off our rain. Was supposed to be going out to a lovely Private View today, but it's been rained off.. Enough is enough, I say. Hope you're well and happy this weekend. Hugs, M xx