Monday, September 15, 2008

If I Stare Long Enough....

I've been sitting here reading my Buddies blogs...All the different colors for Fall are starting to show up in their templates...I Love pink, and my pink rose...It's been around for a long time now and I hate the thought of changing to something else...but what colors match the pink And look like Fall...Decisions!!

Ya'll don't forget to start signing up for the Brenda Photo Challenge! It's theme is Changing Seasons...I don't have ANY pictures for it Yet!!Hahaaaa......I'll get busy!! I Will!LOL...

Well, it's been a long day and my pooch, Corky, is snorting (that's how he tells me it's bedtime)...So I'm off to listen to the radio before, hopefully, getting some sleep. Happy night or day Where ever you are!


Brenda said...

Ha! Corky sure does like his sleep, doesn't he?

I'm having one heck of a time thinking of photos for the changing seasons topic, might have to get one or two from past shots.

My roses are having a last fling for fall, they're blooming like crazy, so a rose works just fine!

jenn said...

I love the pink rose. Every time I see one I think of you! Keep it!

Jules said...

Hmmmm - the seasons - bit tricky for me. We have wet and dry and at the moment it is dry!!! So no Autumn colours from this tropic place!!!!

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Oh, this rose was beautiful!
And so is the picture in the side bar too, with flowers and falling leaves.
Now I really hope you will get some sleep.
Changing seasons seems exiting, I am sure it will come a lot of photos to that challenge.
Thank you for your kind comment.
I am so glad that the Ike storm didn't hurt you.
Today I shall visit a friend of mine. She lives alone too.
Yes, she has a husband, but he is far away for work. He is home only
every second weekend, because it is a long way to drive. He works together with his brother, and they
both drive the car each time, so they shall not be so tired.
I wish you a blessed and happy day!

Donna said...

Brenda-You and me Both!!hahahaa...I Guess that "things that represent" changing seasons will work....I'm racking my brain!!
Corky is SO Spoiled! He wants it His way...NOW!!LOL...Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Jenn-Hahaaa....OK...I'll figure something else out...Happy day Sweetheart!hughugs

Jules- Oh My, that's right! Well then, what represents Fall, Winter,,,etc? Hopefully I can find Something!hahaa...Happy Day sweetie!!hughugs

Lille- Have lots of fun visiting your friend sweetie! Thanks for the Sweet words! Happy day to you!!!hughugs

Sally said...

Hope you got a good nights rest. Have a great day!!

Donna said...

Sally- I did...You feeling alright sweetie??!!hughugs