Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Red Update and Still Studying QuickBooks

Don't know if anyone remembers Red? Well, I'm happy to announce that he's doing Much better! See how much weight he has gained? Almost a Whopping 100 pounds! Terrific! My sister, Ruth Ann, has really worked to get him back to where he started out before he had been abused. The Vets told her to put him down...she said, No way. SO very glad she didn't. He's a sweetheart and he loves a little beer with his oats and hay...hahahaaaa.....
We're still knee deep into QuickBooks...training...Accounting is accounting...That doesn't ever change. It's Where you put stuff that you have to figure out! Where it is in PeachTree, it's Somewhere else in QBs....frustrating! We'll get there though.
Well, guess I'll let you get back to your day...I'm keeping one eye on QuickBooks and one eye on "Ike"....looks like it's coming this way. Ya'll have a happy and carefree day!!!


jenn said...

What a beautiful horse!

I hope IKE doesn't hit too hard. Try and stay dry!

itsboopchile said...

Hi, We spent several winters in west Texas and enjoyed our time there. Of course we had kids and grandkids there, but there were also the warm days, the Mexican food, the flea markets, and just the wonderful scenery and places to go.
A couple of months in the west and then moved on down to San Antonio area, and eventually back up to this cold country.
Some cold days in Texas, too, but we loved it.
Betty G

Unknown said...

So good to see a rescued horse thriving! I'm sure the beer isn't hurting either! :)

Brit. (lille meg) said...

When you mentioned it, I remebered this horse. It is good to hear that he is doing well now.
Happy night!

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

It sounds like you are coming along with quickbooks. I hope Ike doesn't get you. Take care.

Donna said...

Jenn- Thanks sweetie! We'll try! Some rain would be a Good thing, BUT....hahahaaa....Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Betty- Thanks for popping in for a visit! Really appreciate it! I'll be hopping over for a good read! Happy night Sweetie!hughugs

Nathalie- Hahahaa...A horse and a good beer...what More do you need?!!hahaaa..Happy night!hughugs

Lille- Thanks sweetie! He is feeling so much better these days! Happy night to you to!!hughugs

Joan-We hope it doesn't Either!hahaa...QuickBooks Is a "busy" program! Night sweetie!hughugs

Milly said...

He is sure a beautiful horse, by the picture you would never know he had ever been mistreated.
Good to see you have a little time for blog while working hard on the quickbooks.

Sally said...

That's truly amazing - your sister knew just what to do to save that beautiful animal. Hope the weather doesn't hit you. ((HUGS))

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

The horse really is a lovely looking creature,
Vets are abit quick sometimes with the whole putting down thing but I think it's cause they know too well the work involved in getting them back to health and the love and patience in it all too,
Good on your sister...What a star!

We used quickbooks when we had our buisness...It gets easier..really..It does!:)
Look out for Ike

Donna said...

Red looks wonderful! Your sister did a good job.

Take care, hope the weather doesn't come your way!


Donna said...

Hi Milly! Glad you stopped in for a visit! He was Really in poor shape...but he's doing SO much better! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

Sally- She Did, didn't she...And so Far, Ike has his "eye" aimed right at us...We're 6hrs inland...don't know How rough it'll get...Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

Cupcake- Then you Know QuickBooks? Hope you're right! Right now it all looks like greek to me! Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Donna-He Really does and he's Frisky! That's such a Wonderful thing!! We're thrilled! Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Brenda said...

You'd think that they wouldn't work so hard to make it so durned difficult to master an accounting program! I prefer the Peachtree, Quickbooks gave me many headaches. I've even worked with programs that handled multiple companies that weren't nearly as hard to master as Quickbooks.

Red is turning into a handsome prince!

I hope Ike doesn't wreck havoc down your way. Y'all stay safe now, ya hear?

Dawn said...

I like when animals are rescued. Red sure looks good.

Sorry that you are still having problems with the accounting problems.

Don't wear deodorant... then Ike will stay away. hahahahha

Hang in there, sweetie.

itsboopchile said...

Donna, Thanks for commenting on my blog. You had a third one that I lost, think my finger slipped, it has a habit of doing things like that, makes me so mad.
You must be quite a cook!! I was just talking about tomato gravy and now you post the only recipe I have ever seen for it. I will try it.
Just one more day at home before I get the back proceedure that is supposed to ease my pain. THEN I WILL COOK !!THEN I WILL GET THE COOKBOOKS OUT, and probably get fatter!!
Thank you so much for your recipes.
Betty G

Amanda said...

I'm so glad the horse is doing well, your sister has a heart of gold!
Amanda x

Donna said...

Brenda- I'm Hoping we can get in the swing of QB's....If we could stay with Peachtree, I would...About the time I master One program, Hubby comes up with a Different idea...hahahaa...Happy day Sweetie!hughugs

Dawn- No Deodorant?? Hahahaaaa...Ya know? That Just might work!!hahahaa...Happy day sugar!hughugs

Hello Betty! Don't worry about loosing the comments..I Really enjoyed catching up on reading about your life. My Mother Loved Betty Boop and would make drawings of her.
Hope the treatment relieves your pain! There's nothing worse than pain you can't relieve.
We love tomato gravy! Happy day Sweetie!hughugs

Amanda- She does, doesn't she! Happy day sweetie!hughugs