Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Peeps...

Good Morning! It's Friday and I'm planning on playing on the computer ALL weekend...if I want to...Hahaaa....right.....Oh well, dreams make us feel better.

This morning I was presented with some Mother's Day Peeps by Andrew the Plumber!Hahaaa...Aren't they sweet? Also, yesterday, when I drove up to my mailbox to retrieve my mail, I was treated to a visit from a baby Blue Jay! I sat there for the longest just talking to him...and he talked back!Hahaaa....WHAT??? Well, he did!

Just want to wish all you Mothers out there, a VERY Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your day doing exactly what you want...NO work! NO laundry! I think it's the Only day of the year us Womens' can get by with it!Lolol...Enjoy!

PS- If you want a Mother's Day laugh, go to Crystal's Blog...I just want to remind you ALL...I ain't NEFFER said None of that to her!!