Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward and FOUND IMAGES!!!

Morning!  I Know you thought I'd abandoned you...not so.  I have been really bummed out about losing all my photos....and have been trying to decide what to do about it.  On this web site, Blogger, I still have all my writings... on my Wordpress site, I have all my photos and writings except for this last year.  Decisions!!!  Should I just keep going with Blogger or should I switch to Wordpress.  I don't think Wordpress will let me import again and besides, if I tried, it would also import my post with no photos AND, the fact that I'm STILL trying to figure out how to change the font color in my header on the WP site...and yes, I've managed to change it, save it...but when I go back to look at my changes...they haven't changed!Grrrr.......SO....Geeeez!  I've made easier decisions!   Ok...and you knew it was coming...What Would You Do?Hahahaaa.......
YES-I-DID!!!   PICASA is Evil!  I made my rounds to PhotoBucket, etc....nothing there.   What had happened was somehow, all my albums that are stored on were changed from Public to Private!  Only thing I can think of is when Google did Something last week, update(????), if affected my blog, but all my photos were still there! Yeah!  SO, I simply went to each album, went to sharing options and changed them from private to public....GADS!!!   PLUS....I reverted back to Blogger from Google Plus!  I hated it! That's probably when things went "south" for me!  A WEEK of  gnashing teeth!!!  Biting knuckles!!!  Holy Photos Batman!!!!  You think I'm kidding.....What a Freakin' WEEK!
Lordy, I did NOT want to move to WordPress....If I can't figure out how to save simple changes to the blog, what chance would I have posting??Hahaaa
Lordy, I'm a wreck!  SO....Now I can relax and come visiting all of You!  SORRY I couldn't figure this out sooner.....COFFEETIME!!!!