Thursday, February 27, 2014

It would take Forever!

WHERE IN THE HECK ARE THE REST OF MY PHOTOS?  WHAT HAPPENED?????  OK, I have NO freaking idea what's happened but I have a sneaky suspicion Google had a hand in it!
Good Lord....what a MESS!  I'll have to start ALL over....Bear with this mess.....Ive now tried to place JUST an image on my sidebar and now you MUST include a "title"...I never had to do this before!  Like my pink rose?  Now it has to have a title.....This may be the end of my relationship with Blogger...If you visit me through IE, no photos...Firefox?  background and 3 or 4 photos are seen...Safari? no photos....SO....I may start using my WordPress account....although I do have a blogger account that wasn't linked to this's going to be a long weekend trying to figure out what to do.....Hang in there with me....I'll be in and out of here all weekend.  I cant get into my WP account because my user ID and password is at home.....sigh....later guys!