Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Refuse!

See those little toes? See those nails? They need clipping! You know those Doggy Nail grinders? I bought one....Everything was going well until I tried to slip one of Buddy's nails into the groove of the grinder...ALL hell broke loose...He screamed at me! LOUD!! I NEVER even got the nail itself up TO the grinder thingy! Gheeez! He jumped off the couch and ran into the living, in hot pursuit. Let me tell you, IF looks could I gave up. I refuse to put either one of us through this. I've had forty years of nail clipping under my belt...I'm done! His Vet is going to get the pleasure of doing this along with a donation of one idiotic Nail Grinder! I SHOULD know better than believe, much less BUY something I saw on TV. I will be sitting out in the waiting room while Buddy gives the Vet the dirty looks...
Hope you all are having a good day....I can't believe it's almost the weekend again!