Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Puff The Magic BluRay!

This is my face on a .."root canal". LOL

Geez...What a day I'm having. Had to take back the first BluRay player to Best Buy. It skipped, or would Not play regular DVD's. Best Buy was great about it though. If you return stuff within fourteen days of purchase, no questions asked policy kicks in. Wonderful. We'd only had it for nine days so, I lucked out. The downside was that they didn't have any new ones in stock. They can't keep them. The lady said as soon as a truck comes in...they're sold out. So...I tell Hubby what the lady at Best Buy said and he said to me..."There's one left at Circuit City for only $399.00"!!!!!!...."And you know this...How"???..."I was Just there"....he says to me (sheepishly). By this time, my leg is killing me, my face is starting to balloon out, but what does his faithful wife do?? The wife who Loves Him...dearly?? Out I go...Circuit City does indeed have one. Let's try $599.00. By this point, I don't care. Wrap it up kids, Mama's outta here! So hopefully, this takes care of the TV problems. I sure do hope so. I'm pooped. Well, y'all have a wonderful night and don't forget to go outside to see the moon eclipse...we've got clouds and won't be able to. Have fun!!