Saturday, March 15, 2014

Out With the Old...

I totally forgot to take a shot of the old drapes I had in this bay window.  Hubby and I had gone to Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg back in 1980.  I had fallen in love with the lace...they did not sell this lace in the States...gorgeous stuff so I bought enough to do the bay window.  What is it now, 34 years later???Hahaaaa.....I'm bad about getting rid of shoes to...I'll hang on to things to ensure I've gotten good use out of them!   See the new draw drapes in each window??  Not a great shot but trust me, they're there.   Now I am enjoying my little window on the world.  Lots of light and a new desk.  Plenty of room.  We converted our two car garage into a playroom now TV, computer room years ago...I'm trying to redo things bit by bit.
I's been a rainy day here.  Now the rain has stopped as you can see out the window.  We really could use more rain...just not the cold!
Well, guess I'll get this posted and make my rounds to see what you've been up to.  Enjoy the evening!