Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Found this on YouTube. This is the version I love. Couldn't find a movie clip of it. Only the ad for it. Oh well, if you haven't seen it, do. Miss Brenda...this is your assignment!!! Yes Mam..homework!! lol

I'm going to try to find something else to go on my tree. Bows or something. Still not happy with it. I'm also running around the house, trying to remember where I hid all the presents I've already bought!!........Did I hear someone say Senior Moment??? Gads, it's not my turn yet is it? You know, I'll always remember Mother saying, "You just wait! It'll be your turn soon enough kiddo"! I always felt "safe" as long as I knew they were still alive. Now the reality of it is here...Now I find myself telling Crystal, "You just wait! It'll be your turn soon enough kiddo"!

I suppose, what I'm trying to say, badly, is, don't waste one minute of your life. Don't give one piece of it away to anger or depression, loneliness or guilt. We all have choices to make every minute of the day. We all experience sad or terrible things. I like that word, we. That one word says that we're all in this together. So join with me in believing that happiness isn't just another word. Even in our worst of moments, it's still there. Waiting.

So today, I'm sending you all lots of love and smiles along with peels of laughter. It is the best thing for, "what ails 'ya."