Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feathered Friends...

Nothing exciting going on here! Just getting all the laundry done and getting things ready for work tomorrow. Hubby made a wonderful stew for that means I'll be eating it for lunch tomorrow. No problem there! I think it'll be cold again and something hot to eat is always welcomed.
I wandered around outside this afternoon and remembered I had a bag of birdseed in the garden storage cabinet...went to check it out and the date was still good on the bag so I dumped it all in an empty planter by the birdbath...Hahaa...I have feeders but being in the mode of "domestic goddess", I just dumped it all in the planter....WHAT??!!!LOL....Oh well. Now the birds can All get something to eat...all at once....LOL....geez...I'm going in for another cuppa coffee. Have a Wonderful night and I'll talk at you later!!