Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter From Our House to Yours

Just came in from the outside garden...Gads...weeds everywhere! Fire ant beds everywhere. I'll just have to deal with those after the holiday. It'll be in the 60's with a chance of rain tomorrow, so it would do no good to get anything on those ant beds today. I want to plant tomatoes but until the ants are dealt with, I can't. Several stuck to my hands and stung me. Nothing like dancing the jig and flapping your arms around..LOL....the neighbor understood though...just waved, shook his head and smiled. We live in Texas. It just goes with the territory.

Earlier, I did go to town to buy some new shoes...I am NOT a shoe shopper. The tennis shoes I now own are almost seven years old. That's just how I am...wear things till they fall apart. Hubby tried to hide my housecoat last night as well. He stated that I WOULD be going to town today for a new one of those, as well...Humphhhhhh....LOL....Well, I did look!!! I Did!! But...all that's in right now are the Spring ones!! Too cool yet to wear on a regular basis right now. At least that's what I told him...LOL...I just got "the look"......

Well, here's wishing you all much happiness, love and joy. Gather up all your babies and have fun finding those eggs!! All of you Big Babies...don't forget to hunt yourselves some eggs...Ever tried to beg for just "one"??LOL...they look at you like you've lost your mind!!!!