Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sami Girl!!!

Samantha at 15 today....Goodness time has flown by!
Just Yesterday, she was running around my house in my...HAHahaa...tablecloth.....She LOVED playing, "Princess"......First thing she'd get to the house she'd say, "Where's it AT Gamma?"Hahaaaa...my little love....I pray for you Brightness and a lightness of heart...and love...forever and Ever.....
Trees today in our back yard!
My drive home from work!! This stuff is foreign!
Nasty day! I can't believe some people actually like this stuff! YUCK!! I hate the cold! Just looking at these photos are making me COLD!LOLOL.....I need COFFEE!! Nice and HOT!
I put a chicken on to bake...television won't center in on any channel because of the snow so I guess I'll look through my reading material and see if anything holds my attention.
Y'all try to have a wonderful day and stay warm or cool, where Ever you may be!