Sunday, February 21, 2010

All's Quiet...

All is pretty quiet here on the home front. Haven't blogged in almost a Week! Bad girl! It's been a sad and happy week for us. My cousin Donna, who lives in Connecticut, passed away Tuesday after a nine month battle with cancer...I'm SO damn sick of death...She has a twin, Roni, who is just "out there" in limbo...I wish I were there...And we Still have the wedding to get ready for, even though things are pulling together nicely. Cake and flowers...etc...are done. Dresses, done...Church decorations, done...honeymoon plans, done...photographer Sarah, done.
I did a bit of laundry and cooking yesterday. Nothing much else. Crystal brought Will so he could spend the night. It was cartoons and giggles for the rest of the night...nice.
Well, guess I'll go find something else to wipe, clean, fix or throw out. Y'all have a Wonderful Sunday!


Anvilcloud said...

Roast for supper?

Donna said...

I figured you were busy! I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin. Stupid cancer. Hate is with a passion.

We've got cooking and cleaning going on here. Went for a visit at the new homestead and they are working madly on a Sunday! Can you believe it? Don't wear yourself out on those wedding plans, ya hear? When is that wedding anyhow???

Donna said...

Ac- Yeah, and it turned out really well! Hope y'all are feeling better up there!

Donna- Thanks, it does!
March 27th is the date. She's so excited about it.
Your house is Really coming along Fast!
Happy night to you!

Lynn said...

Wow! You are busy but with an exciting event.

Understand your feelings about the death. Cancer is really, really a nasty disease. My heart, prayers, and condolences go out to you and her family.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Cancer is so very cruekl and so very unforgiving.
sorry to hear of your loss,it is hard when you wnat to be there and cannot.

How great are those photos though so creative! Can't wait til we see the wedding shots

Ann said...

so sorry to hear about your cousin.

On a brighter note those photos are great. Cartoons and giggles sounds like a great way to spend the evening.

SOUL said...

wow- what a post. so many emotions - but glad you shared with us. feel better?
i hope so. cartoons with the kid-- really great photos-- i just love the shoes and roses-- awesome! those could be posters--- very cool.
very sorry about your loss--
also very excited about the wedding.
and dinner sounds good -- you must be one of those peeps who calls lunch -dinner -- or did you say supper? i can't remember now. anyhow- we have - or say -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. three squares, in that order.
how's it work in your world?

ok- i shall shut my mouth now-- but if ya get bored? i updated.

and really? you like chocolate 'that much' ?

bwa hahahahaha

happy sunday -- what's left of it-
big hugs to my favorite texan!

Donna said...

Thanks Lynn! Her twin, Roni is just SO damned lost...breaks my heart...sweet night to you!!

Cupcake- Thanks sweetie!
Crystal and Tim are so excited! Everything is going well..
Have a great day!!

Thanks Ann!
No better way to wrap up a day than giggles and cartoons! ;O)
Happy night to you!

Brenda, Yeah, it's been a Very emotional, mixed up week around here. One of those "you don't know whether to laugh or cry" ones....hate those.
The photos Did turn out fun and lovely! Crystal's girlfriend, Sarah is doing them...they did over 200 yesterday so there's lots to choose from of Crys...
Get some good sleep sweetie!!

Sally said...

Awww, Donna, so sorry to hear about the death in your family; cousins are so special in our lives. I know this must be especially hard for her twin; goodness.


Donna said...

Thank you Miz is. Wish there was a way I could help her but in the end, all we have is each other, in life.
Truly wishing it was Otherwise...
Sweetness to you Darlin'

Daniela said...

Hi Donna, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. How very sad. I lost my dad to cancer and it sucks, there is no nice way to say it. As advanced as we are technology wise, you'd think they'd finally find a cure. We can only hope.

You and I had the almost the same weekend. Don't you love the grands? They are the best, thats for sure. Enjoy your night sweet..xoxo

Donna said...

Thank you Daniela! It does Indeed, Suck!! Big time...
Night to you sweetie!!
Fun weekend though, huh?!!

Garnetrose said...

I think you reach a certain age where your friends and relatives start passing and it seems like it is never going to end. I hate it but I guess we have to feel the pain to appreciate the happiness in life. Cartoons and giggles are good at such times.

Nita Jo said...

Donna, I was worried when you didn't post... I am so sorry about your cousin. Such hard times for so many friends lately. I will say a prayer for you and for her twin, Roni.

I'm glad you had Will to spend time with. Nothing like the little ones to cheer our hearts.
Thanks for your comment on my story!

Nita Jo

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin. I guess Crystal's wedding is keeping you all busy, it's a very exciting time for you all.

CJ xx

Jeanette said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin. Cancer sucks.

Donna said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. You sound a bit frazzled. Hope things quiet down more.


Jeanne said...

I love the delicate heels and flowers against the rocks. And Crystal with Will look so cute. That piece of meat...Mmmmmm