Saturday, February 13, 2010

OMGgggg!! GEEZ!!!Hahahaa.....

NO FLIPPIN' WAY!!!!!LOLOLHahaha...Help MEH! Here's the picture...I'm rechecking the Brenda Photo Challenge entries (by the way people! Go back to catch the late entries and ALSO check the Comment section for people who couldn't enter using the "blue link button!) and all of a sudden I look up and stare straight ahead in amazement...thinking..."what's that Voice I hear?".....Looking to my right where the big screen is sitting...It's HIM!!! That MAN that heralds in..."old age"....Lawrence FLIPPIN' Welk!!!Hahahaa....I just stared at him. He has arrived! I actually am liking the tune I'm hearing....OMG!!! When did THIS happen!???!!!
It's 20 after 7pm here....and I'm listening to Larence Welk on PBS!! I guess it's my bedtime. Now where did I put my nightcap? I guess I had too much peanut butter last night and not enough prunes....LOL


Daniela said...

Oh my gosh, what a blast from my past. Every Sunday night (or was it Saturday?) my parents listened to him. I used to love the bubbles..haha..remember those? A one and a two and a three..awww, the good ole' days.

Garnetrose said...

I have such fond memories of sitting in front of the tv. and to the Lennon sisters sing and watching Bobby (be still my heart) dance. Thanks for the reminder.

Nina said...

Happy Valentine's Day! XOXOXO

RNSANE said...

Gosh, that really makes me feel old...good old Lawrence Welk. I definitely used to watch him. But the shows I never missed were Ed Sullivan because he always had the latest and greatest and I loved Sonny and Cher.

antigoni said...

I don't know why i always miss a day for Brenda's photo challenge but i'm up now. I love your photos!!!

nonizamboni said...

Boy are we old! Seriously though, what great memories: my mom combing out my hair after my (weekly?) bath.
Here's wishing you a new jar of peanut butter for Valentine's Day!

Jeanette said...

LOL! Everytime I see a snippit of Lawrence Welk I cringe in embarrasment for them!

Donna said...

Daniela- Yes I DO remember the bubbles!Hahaa...and last night he Did say, "a one and a two..." LOL

GRose- Now, I Did like the Lennon Sisters! And I Do admit to seeing them...Hahaa...I'll say Nothin' Else Girl!!

Nina- Happy Valentine's Day to you too Sweetie!!
Where 'Ya Been??

Carmen-I remember watching Ed Sullivan the night he had The Beatles on...I just dated myself, didn't I...LOLOL

Antigoni- You're Fine! We know where you are!Hahaa...Loved your precious RED entry!!

Noni!! Hahaaa...thanks you for the peanut butters girlie!!! Yum!!

Jeanette-LOL...For Them?? I was looking around to see if hubby or the old dog caught me watching!!Hahaaaa...hughugs

Jeanne said...

Hey no dissing Larry! Man the memories of watching with my parents! Love that guy and yeah Bobby! He was such a hottie even to my pre-teen eyes lol. Joann Castle always blew me away with her playing.

Nita Jo said...

Lawrence Welk is one of my "guilty pleasures"... My grandparents raised me and every Saturday night we listened to Lawrence. Every once in a while, I sit and watch an episode... it's warm and nostalgic.

It takes me back to a simpler time in my life. Things weren't really simpler in the 60's and early 70's, I was just insulated from a lot of it.

Now, don't even get me started on watching HeeHaw with them... LOL!

Donna said...

Jeanne! Hahaha...oh alright! I liked the ooomphPaPa cords from the polkas!!

NitaJo!!LOL...HewHaw!! OnMan! Now THAT, I watched! Loved the cornball jokes!

Ann said...

Well this takes me back a ways. I recognized him from the first picture. I remember as a kid having to endure Lawrence Welk shows with my parents. We always called him the bubble

SOUL said...

who doesn't remember good ole lawrence welk? even i do. ugh. he's always been so fun to make fun of.

"thanks for the memories"

hugs to you --

happy sunday-

Donna said...

Ann- Always Lots of bubbles!Hahaa...My Grandmother LOVED him!

Brenda- You're Welcome! Came as a total shock to Me!!Hahaa...
Hope you're feeling better today Girl!

Mandie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Donna! Haha, Lawrence Welk!!! I love PBS!

Brenda said...

My grandma never missed Lawrence Welk! Just a quickie drop in to say I'm thinking of you. Now, back to these taxes.

Donna said...

Hi Mandie! Glad you popped over! Thank you and Happy Valentines to you too!!

Brenda-Taxes??!!! Oh Man! That's Right Girl! You're knee-deep aren't you?!! Well, time's money!Hahaaa...Don't work too hard!

Anonymous said...

my folks and grandparents liked Lawrence Welk too.....I worked for him at his resort here in southern california...met him once and he was such a gentleman..even kissed my hand.....met alot of the people from the show also...all very charming people.....I was the assistant manager of the gift job!

Donna said...

Oh Dani! That was a Wonderful story! How Neat to have actually met him!
So Glad you stopped and told your story!!!

Paula said...

Wow- Dani!!! I can't believe you never told us that before!! COOL!

This brings back memeories, Donna!!
And I try to stay away from the prunes if I can help it... a little bit goes a long way for me with those things if ya know what I mean! *LOL*