Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday and The Brenda Photo Challenge Tomorrow!

It's been pretty busy here for this time of the year...I have so many tiny things to take care of that keep popping up. If it's not for the business, then it's for the family....You know how it goes. You have weeks that go by that all's quiet then you'll go through a deluge. I need an umbrella!
Don't forget the Brenda Photo Challenge photos are due in the morning people! And if you haven't signed up yet, you Still have time!! It should be a good one! Can't wait to see all your photos! SO, until then, be safe and happy!


Jeannette StG said...

Love your lavender and purple blog look!

Donna said...

Have a good weekend, Donna!

Sally said...

oops~forgot the challenge. will check it out. get some REST!!

Daniela said...

Whoo hoo, my first challenge is up. Lovin' the new digs. I change mine alot too. I love the photos of your granddaughter. They grow wayyyyy too fast...take care sweetie and have a great weekend..xoxo

Donna said...

Jeannette- Thanks! I love soft colors! Happy night to you!

Thanks Miz Donna! You Too!

SallyGirl- Hahaaa...Bad Girl!! Get busy while I prop my feet up!

Daniela- Thank You! They DO, don't they!!! Can't wait to see your photos!!

Ann said...

I think I messed up because I posted mine last week

Donna said...

You sure have been busy lately! Marty misses you terribly! LOL.

I had to really crunch today and get my post ready. Got some purty pictures for you to see! hahaha!!!!

Donna said...

Ann- You DID??? I didn't see them!! I'll go back and look!!

Donna- Awwww! Give Marty a BIG hugs for me! Can't Wait to see yours!!!

Lynn said...

Thanks for the reminder. Mine is up.
Oh, btw, love the duck. :D

Donna said...

Lynn- Thanks sweetheart! See you in the morning!! Put the coffee on!!Hahaa

SOUL said...

really good to see you're still kickin around donna :))

my pix might be late -- but only if i decide to actually GO take the pic that i didn't get around to takin today. go ahead, call me a sloth. we all know i earned that title :))

and, don't fret -- chocolate is on z way. we can't have a chocolate shortage out there . this is a bad time for such a thing. besides - most places still have half price chocolates :))

hang in there baby -- the weekend is upon you-- may it be blessed :))

big ole HUGZ