Monday, April 6, 2015

That Time of the Year...

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Easter?  We did.  The kids came for a lunch of ham and asparagus etc.... Pretty darn good.  We enjoyed each other for a while then they were all off for other destinations which, for some, involved more food.  I remember those days well.
Bluebonnets and Texas just go together.  They are popping up everywhere.  Love the colors.
Here's a question for you English majors....Lately, I've been reading where, to the younger generation, that you no longer need to leave two spaces after you end one sentence and begin another!  They say it's annoying!  I was always taught to space twice for clarity's it's being said that that was only because we used typewriters (cavemen days).  
I don't care if it annoys them, I'm a two spacer...always will be.
SO...Enjoy your day.  Hope it's warming up cold toes or cooling off hot bods for you where ever you are.  
On my way for visits...