Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trying to Learn IM'ing...geez

Well, this has been a Real Do Nothing day!! Rainy, and muggy and a little on the too warm side. So, thought I'd get in here at the computer and learn what all this instant messaging stuff is all about. We have good friends that live in a small town west of San Antonio and my friend was online this evening...I knew this because a message popped up Saying she was online! SO, I see a little box that is prompting me to type something to her...I do...and she Answers! LOL...Gads, I'm Really trying to keep up with all this technology stuff, but there's always something new to study up on!!! Well, we get to talking back and forth when I spy a tiny icon that says I can also have voice and a web cam session with after we're through talking, I go in and set That up. Let me tell you folks, when doing That, you need to be in Full dress, hair and make-up, On!! LOL....I shut it down immediately after setting everything up. Hair up and in a housecoat does Not look stunning on a web cam..LOL....So...don't know if I'll be using that little feature very much!! My friend is Also getting DSL today, so that means at least that Sunday night, I Think I'll be able to get online with my laptop, but we'll see. It has built in wi-fi, as does my cell phone...I LOVE toys!LOL
So, I suppose I'll play around with the computer for a while longer and I hope y'all have a restful and happy night Or day!!