Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day America...Cupcakes

Well, hello and Happy Independence Day America!!
As you can see, I was a busy beaver yesterday...I love to bake but haven't been doing much of it lately.  Well, I'm getting tired of doing, Not Much so, I decided, the other day, to make some Independence Day cupcakes for Sami to carry down south to her mom's house.  Well...I promise I will NEVER AGAIN complain about the price of a cupcake EVER again!!Hahaa...good Lord people!!  First, I had to run to know...'cause I needed dark navy color gel...a pan...etc., then I had to round up all my special tools (you know you have to have special tools...:O0)  Then, find what I needed, looking in cabinets, closets, drawers...find a recipe I to work the new icing tips...then get busy making them!Uggggg….took a while!  Bakers EARN EVERY SINGLE DIME!!
Anyway, they turned out good...loved the way a gel coloring works SO much better than liquids.  Isn't the blue cupcake a pretty shade??  If I'd used a liquid color, they would have been a greenish brownish color on the outside!  And did you EVER see a messier kitchen???Hahaaa...omg...Larry jumped in and just started washing up for me!  What an old sweetie...
So...I know we can't eat everything I bake so I enlist the help of my granddaughter, Samantha, to come get 3/4ths of things and carry them off to friends or co workers.  It works.  I get to bake and they get to eat...simple.  I've had request to bake things for money before and who knows...I might let a donation or two start creeping in...
Well,  hope you all have a fun and safe day and be careful of those darn fireworks around you pets!!  Scares them sometimes, literally, to death!
Later Guys!