Saturday, January 12, 2008

Having Fun at the Lake

Well, it really was a nice break from the "usual" Saturday fare! Ronnie and Glenda came to our house so that we could take our own truck and follow them. It was a pretty drive, sunshine...NO rain...thank goodness. Wind is blowing like crazy but not too cold! Anyway...we stopped to eat lunch at a place called Chilies. It was good lime grilled chicken....What did y'all think I'd eat??? LOL....I behaved!! Larry had a nice grilled chicken salad....Good boy! We leave there and drive for a little through a park, winding around a few turns and finally into their driveway...Sweet!!! As in Whoa!!!! The house is really nice, only needing some long term care on the inside. You go around the back and this tremendous view is...just there. Wonderful. They've got some work to do, but I know when they finish, they'll love it.
The ride back took us through a tiny town called Moody. We were riding parallel to this coal train. Tried to make it to the turn off before the train rolled over it, but we lost the race. While sitting there I took a couple of shots of it. This is the first time in a long time that I'd had to wait for a train to pass...reminded me of long ago days, gone by.
Well, thanks for taking this little trip with me! If Glenda tunes in to read, Thanks you two!! It Was just what the Doctor ordered!!! Y'all have a happy evening!

Just a Quick Note

Just letting y'all know Hubby and I will be taking a really short trip out of town this morning to see some friends new house they bought, on a lake. I'll take my camera and post again this afternoon when we get home. Until then, have lots of fun today! Go grocery shopping!! LOL