Thursday, September 29, 2011

The High Life...

Hi everyone...Yes, You noticed I haven't posted since Saturday...unless I'm out of town, I don't usually wait so long.  I've been trying to learn the Kim Klassen Mouseover trick on my sidebar but It Does Not Work for me!  Four wasted days.  I'm pooped!  I Give Up!  Nothing I did would work.  Oh well...just can't figure it out and this New Blogger template would RE-copy the html in places it should not have.  I'm Done! (Until the next time).
Hubby and I were up on Aspen Skylift and this was a lookout point...See how high we were?  11600ft.  Nice view.  When I got through shooting photos, I looked down and saw the teddy bear that had been lodged into some rocks...I felt so Sad.  Whose child did it belong to?  Don't know but I said a prayer.  I could almost feel it's presence...the longer you stood there, the sadder you felt.  We left.
Hope you all are having a good week...Headed over to check on what You have to say!