Tuesday, October 2, 2007


What is it with a full moon and people? I swear, yesterday and this morning, it seemed everywhere I turned, people were absolutely miserable! I feel like quoting from the movie, The Mummy, when the bad guy said, "This is cursed, that is cursed..." Even when I was checking out the blogs, you know, clicking through different sites and most of what I found were people upset because they felt they couldn't post anymore. Their lives were in the toilet and they didn't have the strength to carry on! It reminds me of the story of the guy in the water begging God to help him. A helicopter came by, a row boat came by, you name it and it came by to help him. The guy cries out, "Why won't you help me oh Lord?" and a voice says, "How many more ways can I help you that you can not see?"... Now you see why I push the "happy" button...I push it a lot. To me, that's one of the best ways to push back the darkness. You say, "Such a Pollyanna!" You better believe it! Help is only a smile away and shows up in so many forms. How many boats will you miss today? Sick of it? Push the button! Lots of happiness being sent your way today. Have a good one.