Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Almost Christmas!!

Hey Brenda!! Crystal got me a Tri-Pod for Christmas!!! And I think it Works!!Hahaaa....
Hubby and I have been busy baking cookies for our Christmas Eve with Hubby's family. We're having a cookie exchange for the adults.

Well, it IS!!LOL...... Just look around you! People are being SO good and kind to each other...Smiles are Everywhere...People holding doors for strangers...Lights are twinkling...laughter in the background. This is the most wonderful time of the year...WHAT?!!Hahaa....sorry 'bout that! I didn't mean the song, I just meant it's the most Giving time of the year! You feel the "child" come out and want to Play! My best advice? Go with it...go play...laugh...dance till you drop...Hahaaaa....After all, it's His Birthday now isn't it?
I want to wish All my Blogging Buddies a Very Merry (or Happy) Christmas. Delight in the day!