Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well I Fixed The Problem....LOL

Well I fixed the problem alright....went out and did what "the government" said to do and spread the wealth around....I bought a new desktop computer...WHAT??!!! Well, I did!! Tired of that cheesy little laptop! Wanted some POWER!! CONTROL!! Well I got it...5gig...HP Pavilion Verde SE! They (a 12 yr old computer tech at Office Depot...just like the one Donna (TN) asked about their router problems) told me I needed to get a VISTA COMPATIBLE Router.....GEEZ!!! Ended up NOT being the problem after all!! (still using the old one) SO!!! BRING IT!! I'm READY!!LOL........We also moved the computer and my desk to the spare bedroom....Much Better!! I don't feel like I'm out in the garage anymore!! Thanks for all your comments while I was...pulling my hair out!!LOL....It's been a Wild last couple of weeks!! Hope you're all having tons of fun this weekend!! I'll soon be around to check up on all of you!! Hope you've behaved yourselves!!......right!! Hahaa.....Night!