Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Stella Time Again

Good heavens, Christmas has been gone for about a week and I'm already having withdrawals!! lol The tree is still up and I suppose I'll have to get serious about taking everything down..sigh...Oh well, guess I can start planning for next December 25th...'ya think?

Are any of you having problems with "things disappearing" off your blog? My original clock dropped off the face of the earth so I had to find a new one. I like the new one though. It came from Clocklink. They've got some cute ones over there.
Ah, the end of holidays, for a while, and the beginning of Hubby and I started George Stella's on Monday. I've already lost 3 and a quarter pounds. My goal is twenty. I'm sticking with it because it works...for us. The trick is eating sensibly, once the initial 2 week fast start is over. ALL the time!! Gotta get the body to burning instead of storing. If you want to check him out, here's his link: George Stella .
Well, the phones are definitely quieter today. The mad rush was last week and Monday. It's always like this after a holiday. There were lots of stop-ups though. So...have a fun and safe day and smile a lot. Talk to you tomorrow.