Monday, May 18, 2009

Went By In A Blur!

Geez! This weekend went by in a Blur!! What did I DO?Hahaa...Isn't it awful when you can't seem to grab the peaceful moments of time? I Know I had some...Hubby went out of town to spend some quality time with his buddy in San Antonio. That left Corky (pooch) and I to hang out together. I cooked...did some reading (James Van Praag's new book, Unfinished Business), cleaned out the refrigerator and listened to the rain...Saturday and Sunday! I suppose I could have gone to see the new Star Trek movie but I really don't like to go alone...the kids were all busy with their own lives (HOW UNFAIR!!Hahaaa...). Oh well, I just patted the dog and kept on reading. UnFinished Business is great! If you get a chance, pick up a copy.
Well, guess I'll get back to work...and wonder if there's a way to make time slow down. Happy Monday everyone!