Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday!

Finally! Hopefully it'll be a peaceful weekend. We've got a few things to do around the house but beyond That, Nothing! Like a few other blogger buds, haven't been sleeping to well lately...but my main problem is Corky wandering around in the middle of the night waking me up. You have to get up, grab his blankie and lay him down in his bed again...oh well, such is life.
Hope you all have a quiet and peaceful weekend!
Don't forget The Brenda Photo Challenge for Saturday!! Go sign up! Have a great Friday!


Donna said...

You're having trouble sleeping too??? I can't sleep good anymore. Getting ready to call the doctor and get things going for a bionic knee. Tired of the silly pain, LOL. And then I'll be ready to kick some politicians' butts BIG TIME, hahahaha!!!

I got my pictures all ready for the challenge. Took a special one yesterday. You will LOVE it because it has PINK! just got to write up my post and get it ready!

Thanks for putting my "thingie" on your sidebar, LOL! I've got you entered THREE times, kiddo! Fingers crossed for ya!

Brenda said...

I take benedryl when I can't sleep. I have to have my sleep at night or I'd be so crabby during the day someone would shoot me. :-) I hope you get some rest this weekend Miz Donna!

Unknown said...

OH I can so relate to the sleep thing. Had the worst week of sleep this week. I hope you get some relief soon, it's a bummer not being able to fully function the next day without major intake of caffiene. LOL I am not sure yet about the challenge, I've been so busy this week I haven't had time to do it but I'll try.

Amanda said...

Have a nice weekend ~ hopefully you can get caught up on some sleep!
Amanda x

jenn said...

I have a busy, but fun, weekend ahead.

Happy Mother's Day...just in case I don't have time to blog this weekend!

Love you.

Sally said...

Oh, I'm sorry you ladies aren't sleeping well. When you get "old" like me, you'll be able to. hahahaha Now, watch after saying that, tonight I'll be up all night!! :)

Try to rest, drink some chamomile tea. I know your little dog is having trouble, though, and you're worried. :(

Oh, and did I tell you the "girls" got a PUPPY? um hmmmm ARRGHGHGHG

Okay, bye bye.