Sunday, September 7, 2008

Still Learning and the Next Challenge!

Well, I met with my Quickbooks Advisor yesterday...and I sincerely suggest to Any of you, that if You're thinking of switching to QuickBooks, GET AN ADVISOR!...LOL....Thanks Karen M for telling me about what You do for a living! I found a web address for advisors and researched it. A lady, locally, came over and got things going for me! Great!

Hubby went back in to work this morning at 4:00am...He Does work hard. He's trying to get a new flat rate program up and running and that involves just him and a computer...Me? I'm meeting Ellani at the bookstore!Hahahaaaaa......Yes I Am!!! Then I'll figure out something for Hubby to eat when he gets in...If it's good enough, I'll post it on my cooking blog...been awhile since I've had the time to post Anything over there. Crystal and the kiddos are off again to a motocross with Tim and Tye. They're, it seems, Very happy and William is Finally warming up to Tim....Thank Goodness.

Well, we all had a fun Brenda Photo Challenge with Shannons, Wings and Things! Thanks Shannon for hosting for us!! I've already set up the NEXT challenge on the Brenda Blog, so go on over and start signing up! Should be fun!

Gosh! Sorry for being a bit "long winded" today! Here's hoping Your day goes beautifully and you all stay Safe!!