Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Put a You Tube Video in Your Post

Tabitha said she needed a little instruction on how to upload a You Tube video onto her blog...This always works for me...So come on Girl, gird your loins and lets begin:

1. Go to YouTube-Broadcast Yourself website
2. At the top of page, type in your search
3. Click on it...it will play while you are customizing it.
4. On the Right side of your screen, you will see URL & Embed boxes. You want the Embed box.
5. See the small square box to the right of the Embed box?? It looks like a small circle with tiny spokes sticking out of it...Click on it!
6. A drop down box will appear for you to start customizing.
7. First of all, Un-check the box that says "include all related videos"(sometimes nasty videos show up!)
8. Next is "Show border"...that's up to you.
9. Now you see all the colored boxes? That's the color the bar will be on your video. Pick any color you like. I picked green for this video...See it?
10. Next is the Size of the video box will be...This is new so I'd pick the 425X344 to begin with...Click once on it. (As time goes on, you may want to change the size...up to you).
11. NOW...Go back up to the EMBED BOX...Left click on the code until it turns blue...now...Right click on your mouse and copy the code.
12. Now, minimise the You Tube screen and go to your blog posting area.
13. Go to New Post
14. See on the top of the posting box? You'll see Edit HTML and Compose tabs.
15. Click on EDIT HTML
16. Position your cursor over the posting area
17. Right click and PASTE the code
18. Hit ENTER once or twice and write your post
19. When you are through writing you post, click on PREVIEW...Your Video should come up...If you're happy with it, Click on the HIDE PREVIEW and hit PUBLISH.
20. That's It!
If anyone else wants to copy this, feel free to do so!
I really hope this helps you Tabitha! When I first got started blogging, there were SO many things to learn!...and NO MANUEL!LOL...Just Jose....Hahahaa......If it doesn't work...you can find me in Tahiti...somewhere!

Miss Hayley Grace...

This is Miss Gracie! She belongs to Crystal's friend, Tasha...Don't you think Crystal looks Good holding her? The Baby is Really responding to her I think...Don't you think so too???LOLHahaa...WELL WHAT NOW??!!! I know! You think I'm Still too young to have tons of Grandbabies...LOL...Oh Well...I just have the "cuddling" syndrome...guess I'll go find the hubby...But if he sees me headed his way with a blankie and a bottle...he might run...LOLOL...Happy day everyone!!