Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't Forget the Photo Challenge Tomorrow!

Photo Challenge is tomorrow the 16th!....Yes Already!!LOL....Goodness, time has really flown by! If you want to play along, please make Sure you remember to post a comment so that everyone can come by to see your entry! Just say...I'm Playing!!....If you Don't say that, then don't worry! Just leave your usual sweet comments and I won't hound you!LOL... This is Not about perfection people, this is about Fun....
The storms Really packed a punch last night. They rode their way east, just barely missing us with the bad stuff. Ten miles south of us....goodness. Howling winds and thunder. Mainly just noisy.
Well, guess I'll go see who I can irritate...likely candidate is Crystal concerning her new beau. I Swear she has smiled for 3 days...straight.....Happy day everyone!