Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hello Sunday...

Good Morning!   Well, don't be shocked...I'm blogging!  I HAVE been such a bad blogger lately, no excuse.  But...I have been in the kitchen more.  Chocolate fried pies and french toast, among other things.  Hubby mainly does the important cooking and I mainly do the "fluff" stuff.  Although, I have been known to whip up a two courser or three!
See?  Hubby is already getting started on the Sunday fare.  Out to the grill soon.
The weather has been gorgeous here...80 degrees yesterday and today.  Mowed the lawn...cleaned out more stuff from the closets to put into the donation box...and my eternal favorite, laundry.  
Back to work again tomorrow and already looking forward to Friday and the three day weekend.  We celebrate Good Friday at our shop!
Going to fold the last of the blankets and will be peeking in on you in a bit!
Enjoy your day!