Monday, February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider & Blu Ray Blues

Well, we woke up this morning only to find another wonderful actor who has moved on to a better place. I will NEVER forget his preformances in JAWS, 2010, All That Jazz and Sea Quest. These are the main ones for me. I loved all of them. How about your favorites? Roy Scheider (1932-2008)
I also should have known better to buy a BluRay player for $359.00...out of the box...We were almost three quarters of the way through Elizabeth (1)(older disc), when something happened to the picture, and now it won't play Anything but BluRay disc....It's suppose to also play your regular DVD's with no problems! Hubby said he found a manuel on-line (it was an open box product so manuel) SO, tonight, we'll get busy trying to figure out what happened. (Hubby was holding the control at the time of the disruption)!! WHAT???!!..LOL...I Swear he was!!!LOL....Wudden ME!!!! So, until tomorrow, y'all have a warm, happy and fun day!