Monday, October 3, 2011

Patience is a Virtue...

Sometimes you have to be sneaky! I caught her "After Braces" shot when we went in to town to get her nails done...Hahaaaa...She couldn't say a Word in front of the lady working on her...I love it! After we walked out and I showed her the photo on the camera, she just gave me that, "well, OK...but Don't Do It Again" speech, and half grin. "My hair looks awful"!Hahaaa....Get over it Kid! Life rarely takes us where we want to have to get behind the wheel, and Drive!
I had the Grandbabies all weekend. They wanted to stay so how can you say no?! We shopped, played and watched Thor ( Good movie AND set up for a sequel!) and the newest Transformers (Good BUT, SO glad that's over...). We talked a bit about life, they got tickled and hot biscuits and jam for is good. I'm making memories for when life gets tough, as it usually does. Sweet memories makes the hard things...easier.
Well, hope your week is starting out great. October is now here with it's cooler winds, thank God. I was beginning to forget how good they felt! Guess I'll grab a coffee...Enjoy your day!