Monday, March 24, 2008

Warm Winds

This post is dedicated to all my fellow bloggers that are sitting in a cold room, perhaps with the fireplace going or the heater running full blast. Spring is arriving here in central Texas and I just want to share some of it with you; and to try and remind you that it soon will be with you as well. Wishing you wellness and peace on this Monday night.....

Just stare for awhile, at the picture above. Lean your head back and close your eyes. Pretend you're actually there. You're sitting on the beach in your favorite, reclining lawn chair. Cool tropical breezes are washing over your entire body. You can hear the sound of the roaring ocean throwing it's waves of water upon the shore...Your body is relaxed and your arms are hanging over the sides of the chair, digging into the warm sand. You hear seagulls circling overhead but you don't open your just listen to the sounds of the water...see the water, in your mind's eye, as a beautiful blue.....Sparkling, shimmering in the warm sunlight. Feel yourself at total peace. There is no pain...only total<3