Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Red at Texas A&M University Medical

Well, It's been a very long road to recovery for this little guy! The Dr's at A&M are terrific. What looked like a lost cause has been turned into a ray of sunshine! You can literally see the fatigue and pain in his eyes. Bless his little heart. All of this was SO needless. Can you spell KARMA? They had to reopen his leg, clean it out, separate 2 plates that were just beginning to grow together then embed his leg with beaded antibiotics and close. Infection was in the bone.
I highly recommend A&M for any injured animal. People come from all over the world with broken or dying animals. Thank you all for the prayers. Keep 'em coming!
Well, I've bought several more Christmas presents. Still trying to meet my goal of December 1st. to have everything bought. For some reason, I can't wait. I'm already wanting to put the tree up!! Hot chocolate, cookies...sounds like we need to start posting cookie recipe's! The best ones you've ever made! Your favorite. After all, you need cookies for Halloween and Thanksgiving to! Sounds like fun. Put your thinking caps on and we'll see what we come up with.
Well, guess I'll get going, y'all have a fun day and a wonderful tomorrow!