Thursday, February 4, 2016

Test Drive Sunday...

Libby waiting on Daddy to get home from work

A little roast for Sunday supper

Leaving the shop for mini-test drive around lake

Hooking up car

Lake Waco...looks uninviting right now but come Spring, it's really pretty
We finally got our motor home back from the dealership where they had to perform many repairs.  They had it for almost three months!  In the RV world, people say this isn't unusual.  A lot of the new ones undergo some sort of transformation...good or bad.  Tiny things to be done...large things like furnaces that just won't blow...or air conditioners that won't cool properly.  We had quite the list, hence...out of our hands for a long while.  Hopefully, with our test trip coming up, we'll get to see if all's well in the RV'ing world.  We've missed it!  Larry also hooked up the's coming with us.  I hate "first times" but we got it hooked in the MH, said a prayer and took off for a small trip around the lake.  A sort of mini-test trip before the actual one to head south to see the kids. The car tracked great with the new tow package and FR3 At Last (my name for it) performed like a champ.  Now it's back to loading up and taking off...big sigh...Did you know, in the early days of motor homing, they called motorhomes House Buses?  Neither did I...
Well, guess I'll go get a coffee's 3:48am here...couldn't sleep and decided to get a post done. 
Hope you all are doing well and are safe and happy.